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Humid weather returns
Mostly cloudy skies with some showers around this afternoon and evening. Temperatures were in the 80s around here with high humidity today. The forecast for this evening calls for mostly cloudy skies, a slight chance for showers and a thunderstorm, with evening temperatures in the 80s and morning temperatures in the lower 70s with high humidity and patchy fog. There will be a slight chance for showers tomorrow as a weak weather disturbance continues to affect our area by moving in from the east. Showers and thunderstorms will affect us in the coming days. Once the disturbed weather moves out, expect very warm if not hot temperatures to be around as we head into the weekend. Highs in the 90s will feel more like 105 degrees. Tropical Depression number two is still in the Atlantic Ocean. While it may become a tropical storm in the next five days, it is not expected to have an impact on our region, should it survive. Dry air ahead of it and the islands may disrupt this system before it develops any further. The normal highs should be in the lower 90s and overnight lows in the lower 70s. Tonight, expect lows in the lower 70s and patchy fog and daytime highs tomorrow only in the upper 80s, but with more moisture and a continued chance for showers and thunderstorms. Overnight forecast for 71 degrees and mostly cloudy tonight with patchy fog. Mostly cloudy tomorrow with breaks of sunshine and showers possible anytime in the afternoon and evening, the high only around 87 degrees again, but the heat index will be near 95 degrees. ​ Winds will be northeasterly tonight at 5 mph and turning northerly tomorrow at roughly the same speeds.

Dave Roberts
Chief Meteorologist
Posted on July 22, 2014 @ 5:31 pm by admin

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