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Hot & Humid Stretch
The heat and humidity continue with a broader concentration of showers and thunderstorms over the southern half of our state this evening. Part of this deals with a weak area of low pressure that is stalled over Louisiana combining with the weaker sea breeze coming in off the Gulf of Mexico. That's why the farther south and west you get, the better chance for showers. Temperatures will run in the 80s this evening as the heat index remains higher. Temperatures peaked in the middle 90s today with high pressure controlling our weather and the heat index did go above 100 degrees once again. The chance for rain overnight is low, with just a slight chance for evening showers. The heat index will be a problem the rest of this week as it rises to between 105 and 110 degrees daily with actual temperatures trending into the upper 90s this week. High pressure will overtake our area through Sunday resulting in probably the hottest stretch of weather so far this summer, and it may in fact wind up being the hottest stretch of weather we see all summer. This high pressure will block most thunderstorms from developing, but the still air will result in very humid and hot conditions. Expect high temperatures this weekend in the upper 90s, but with the humidity, it could easily feel like 110 degrees with the heat index during the afternoons and early evenings. Football games tonight and tomorrow ill be very uncomfortable for fans and players. Safety precautions should be exercised when spending any amount of time outside. Have access to shade, cool air, and water. There will be a return of showers and thunderstorms next week, which should result in slightly lower temperatures than in the upcoming days. The tropics have a weak weather disturbance in the Atlantic may develop this weekend as it nears The Bahamas. The hurricane hunter aircraft just inspected it and found it still poorly organized. Forecast models have it heading for The Bahamas and out to sea from there, but we will still watch for development and future movement. The forecast for tonight calls for partly cloudy skies with showers dying down this evening, then patchy fog with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and morning temperatures in the lower 70s with high humidity and patchy fog. Mostly sunny skies tomorrow will result in high temperatures in the middle and upper 90s. The heat index will reach between 100 and 110 degrees. The average high should be 91 and the average low is typically 70 this time of year. Overnight forecast for 73 degrees and clouds tonight, with a brief evening shower transitioning to fog overnight. Partly sunny tomorrow with the high around 97 degrees, but the heat index will be 100 to 110 degrees. ​ Winds will be southerly tonight at 5 mph and southwesterly tomorrow at roughly the same speeds.​​​​​

Dave Roberts
Chief Meteorologist
Posted on August 21, 2014 @ 7:16 pm by admin

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